Holzma HPP 380 Optimat Panel Saw

Holzma HPP 380 Optimat Panel Saw



Panel Cutter Type HPP 380 Optimat, Cadmatic 4.0

Holzma’s HPP 380 Optimat is a flexible saw center. This CNC controlled machine features fast, simple programming coupled with high operating speeds to meet today’s varied production requirements. Designed for clean and accurate cutting of finished and unfinished panels. Equipped with main saw and scoring saw. Run by a single operator, the saw is capable of cutting angles, grooves, rabbets, and dados as well as conventional ripping and cross cutting.

  • The heavily built machine body provides a stable base for vibration free cutting.
  • Holzma’s patented frame leg for perfect alignment of the saw tables in reference to the material being
  • Positioning systems on both the saw carriage and the clamp-equipped, programmable fence are driven by brushless AC servomotors, solid-state drives, and rack and pinion. This system is the best solution for the quick positioning and fast cutting required in today’s manufacturing environment.
  • Saw dust collection for pressure beam and saw carriage on the right side of the
Main saw motor 21 kW 28 HP
Scoring saw motor 2.2 kW 3 HP
Opening of clamps Max. 100 mm 3.9
Cutting length 4300 mm 169.2
Cutting width 4300 mm 169.2
Projection of main saw blade Max. 95 mm 3.7
Saw carriage speed forward 0-130 m/min. 0-426 fpm
Saw carriage speed reverse Constant 130 m/min. 426 fpm
Program fence speed Forward/reverse 80 m/min. 262 fpm

Cadmatic 4.0 Controller with swiveling movement. This flexibility of positioning allows the greatest range of positioning for the operator.

Hardware of the Cadmatic 4.0 Control

  • Computer:  Industrial PC, Intel P-4 2.66 GHZ processor 512 DDR RAM (working memory)
  • 40.0 GB Hard Drive
  • 1.44 MB 3.5″ Floppy Disk Drive CD ROM Drive
  • ATI Radeon 9700 video graphics card 4 serial interfaces
  • 1 parallel interface
  • 1 Ethernet interface
  • 1 PCMCIA slot
  • 17 ″ Flat Color Monitor Keyboard connection
  • The Cadmatic 4.0 is based on an industrial PC with Windows XP embedded operating system and is equipped with a 17″ Flat TFT color monitor, 3.5″disk drive, and CD
  • The PC provides real time machine control eliminating the need for a separate PLC. This allows the saw to operate quicker and optimize and control all machine
  • Holzma Cadmatic 4.0 interface provides the most intelligent interface between the operator and the saw. The 3D graphics and intuitive menus make it easy forinexperienced people to learn how to be productive on the Holzma saw
  • The control settings are personalized for each operator at log in. Each user’s profile customizes such settings as language, measurement mode (decimal inch, fractional inch and millimeter) screen layouts and
  • The easy to understand menu gives the saw operator the tools necessary to perform the various jobs the panel saw can handle throughout the
  • Single Part: Utilize this feature for quick and easy programming of a single part in a pattern
  • Fixed Position: The panel saw becomes an electronically controlled cut off saw. This can be used with fixtures for specialty cutting
  • Cut-to-Length: This handy capability will measure the panel as it is pulled back and tell the operator how much is left after making each cut. Especially useful when processing
  • Edit pattern: A powerful graphic interface for manually entering complicated patterns. The graphic interface gives the operator a visual reference to his input, and eliminates the need for function
  • Select patterns: Allows the operator to view and select patterns for The operator can select a complete job of a series of patterns or random patterns from different jobs, to tailor the sequence to specific production needs.

Characteristics of the Cadmatic

  • New cutting patterns can be entered or down loaded while the machine is in the process of cutting a previously entered
  • A 40 GB hard drive memory capacity for cutting patterns is virtually unlimited. It includes simple utilities to maintain
  • 3-D Moving Graphics-the 17″ LCD flat screen monitor displays the cutting sequence in real time. As the cutting of each part is finished, the monitor displays the actual part information as a graphic, as well as such textual information as part description, size, andedgebanding This clearly displayed information allows a truly paperlessoperation.
  • Parametrically controlled saw carriage speed for narrow front or rear trim cuts. This feature keeps the saw cutting at optimal speeds regardless of operator
  • The Cadmatic speaks your language: multiple languages available: The control can be configured to have your language displayed when you log in.
  • “Stressfite” – a patented Holzma advantage relieves internal stress from sheet stock material. Eliminates “banana bow”, producing square components.
  • Cutting patterns can be transferred to saw via network and USB memory stick from Holzma’s Cut Rite optimization
  • Air conditioning in switch

Error Diagnostics

Holzma machines are extremely reliable but even they can have a problem. To help find problems on the machine, Holzma has incorporated a comprehensive error diagnostic system in the Cadmatic 4.0.

  • Errors are first displayed in plain
  • The Cadmatic 4.0 maintains a file of the last 15 errors to occur on the machine. This feature helps to track and fix small problems before they become
  • Supplemental steps to correct the problem are displayed on the control monitor.
  • Additional photo and videos show actual location of the
  • The ability to review in real time the actual status of inputs or outputs along with the status of the switches is available on the screen of the Cadmatic.
  • Additional screens show the status of the counters. Counters show the programmed position of such moving components of the saw as the saw carriage or the program fence, which can be compared to the actual position.
  • With modem hardware for remote
  • Maintenance display and tracking are standard. The machine prompts the operator whenthe saw needs The operator logs in that it has been performed; so, there is an actual tracking system.

Saw Carriage

  • Solid construction of fabricated steel for long working
  • Saw blade assembly guided on both sides by precision, hardened steel guides, unaffected by dust and dirt, no lubrication
  • Saw carriage guided by chromed, hardened steel guide rods and hardened steel, precision V-groove rollers; Holzma’s unique “monorail” locked-in guidance system. Over the last 25 years, Holzma’s “monorail” saw carriage guide system has been proven world-wide to provide clean, accurate cuts in even the most difficult to cut, prefinished
  • Excellent saw blade life due to the monorail guide
  • Precision machining guarantees absolute parallel positioning of the guide ways inrelationship to the surface of the machine bed, hence to the panels being cut, which prevents the scoring saw from running
  • Saw carriage guides are positioned closer to the cutline than on any other saw, eliminating any effect that the drive system vibrations could have on the cut
  • Fully automatic continuous cutting height adjustment (provides optimal blade exposure, regardless of book height or operator experience).
  • Automatic continuous cutting length control by sensor provides optimal saw carriage travel distance, regardless of strip
  • Cutting speed infinitely variable; adjustable from control
  • Drive via AC servomotor and rack and
  • Scoring saw adjustment from control panel during operation. Safe and fast for the
  • Extraction via sawdust

Automatic Grooving

  •  Grooving position (length/crosswise), grooving width, distance to panel edge and grooving depth are all freely
  • Allows grooving of ready cutwork pieces against fixed
  • Symmetrical grooving or rabbet and intermittent grooving and cutting are all freely

Pressure Beam

  • Minimum opening for blade passage to exert pressure right at the cutting line, where it is
  • Guided equally on both sides by racks and pinions, which guarantee that the pressurebeam remains parallel, even when cross cutting a single stack of narrow
  • Variable adjustment of pressure by
  • Optimum extraction of sawdust by means of an extraction outlet and a separate extraction

Side Pressure Device

  • Integrated into saw
  • Precisely positioned by the saw carriage to reduce cycle
  • Pressure infinitely
  • Automatic positioning via sensor, no pre-adjustment
  • Quick alignment for single
  • Double alignment for multiple strips.
  • Alignment width: Min. 0 mm – Max: cutting length of machine
  • Heavy steel right angle fence is part of the machine frame leg for consistent, square

Clamp-Equipped Program Fence

  • End-guided, rack and pinion driven for parallel
  • AC servo drive electronically controls the program fence for quick, accurate positioning, with minimal wear and
  • The saw control constantly drives the program fence at the optimal speed of travel, regardless of distance traveled for short cycle
  • Strongest clamping pressure, regardless of book height; clamp jaws feature parallel motion which keeps material in clamp for better position accuracy.
  • Holzma’s unique clamp design keeps single panels or complete books of panels clamped and under control of the program fence until the rip or crosscut operation is
  • Clamps equipped with special hold-off device for cutting single or multiple sheets of material with over-hanging laminates or veneer by indexing off the core of the
  • Upper clamp jaw is covered with a special, non-marring pad, preventing any possible damage to the surface of the panel
  • Easy access to all pneumatic and electrical switches to facilitate maintenance.
  • Magnetically based measuring system, completely independent from the drive system of the program fence with no wear, or even touching parts for long working
  • Tighter tolerance resolution, longer working life, less adjustment than with optical

Machine Tables

  • Rear support table consists of Combi-profile rails with narrow pitch rollers for friction-free panel movement and protection from
  • Machine bed is covered with large, friction-free plates with gaps at the positions of the
  • Because of these plates, machine bed remains at full thickness and strength, providing maximum
  • Air tables at the front of the machine for easy material


Cutting length 4300 mm 169.2
Cutting width 4300 mm 169.2
7 clamps (1st 3

clamps with 2 fingers, all othersone finger)

Clamp centers from right angle fence 75 mm

275 mm

475 mm

1050 mm

1850 mm

2650 mm

3450 mm








Additional 2- finger clamps available for 175 mm 6.87″

375 mm 14.76″

Additional 1- finger clamp

available for

650 mm 25.59
1 Air table One fan 2160 x 650 mm 85″ x 25.5
3 Air tables 70 x 70 jet spacing 1760 x 650 mm 69″ x 25.5
Total connected load 27.5 kW 220 volts

480 volts


33 AMP

Air pressure required 6 bar 86 lbs.
Total air volume Based on 6 bar 150 l/min. 5.3 cfm
Extraction Minimum (Velocity) 5000 m3/h

(26 m/sec.)

2950 cfm

85 f/s

Diameter of dust


Pressure beam 150 mm 5.9
Diameter of dust connectors Saw carriage 200 mm 7.9


  • Touch screen monitor
  • Air conditioning in the Switch Cabinet
  • 9’ free standing air floatation table at right angle fence
  • 7’ free standing air floatation tables
  • Online downloading via network and USB
  • Label software
  • Online Downloading