Legacy Defined


Legacy Companies, originally founded in 2007, started based upon core beliefs of how to conduct business in an ethical, relationship oriented, and customer centric purpose.  In order to develop enduring relationships, we focus on the successful establishment of expectations and consistently exceeding those expectations.  Legacy does not work solely towards the job scope, we work to satisfy our customers in the intentions in a professional manner with the intention of developing a viable and long term, mutual success.

The most cost effective solution over time is to do things right, the first time.  Legacy is a standard of quality that we have instilled as our core belief with all of our team and the awareness of this is evident in the products and services that we deliver.


Perpetual Progression

Our world is filled with constant change, perpetually.  In order to keep up with, or stay ahead of the accompanying challenges that change brings, we have embraced the mantra of Perpetual Progression.  In order to be a viable long term resource to the industries that we serve, we must progress one step ahead of the challenges that we all face from day to day.  Continued machinery technology advances, process evolution, safety initiatives and opportunities, ergonomics and material handling, and embracing data initiatives are all challenges for today’s manufacturing environment.  At Legacy, we are committed to maintain the Perpetual Progression in stride with our markets to offer comprehensive services to help our clients stay ahead of competition, drive manufacturing efficiency, and to accomplish the primary objective…..to stay focused on their business.


While Legacy Companies was founded in 2007, and the founder, Taylor Jones, began in in the Woodworking Machinery Automation business in the late 1990’s, the Legacy and Progression began long before.  Rick Jones, former co-owner of Brooks Machinery (founded in 1968) and father of Taylor Jones, was the catalyst for these core principles.  While working his first years after graduating from Georgia Southern University as a warehouse employee and internal salesperson for Brooks Machinery, Taylor Jones was introduced to the traditional relationship based business approach embraced by his father, Rick Jones.  Over the first six years of Taylor’s employment, the traditional wisdom of Rick Jones in collaboration with an eager interest to embrace technology and automation from Taylor Jones, combined to create a future focus for Brooks Machinery to continue progression as the region’s premier supplier of machinery solutions for the woodworking, plastics, and non-ferrous metal markets.

The year 2006 brought the untimely passing of Rick Jones and some tough decisions for the future.  In September of 2007, Legacy Machinery was founded, with the core fundamental values of how to conduct business in a manner that perpetuates the Legacy learned from Rick Jones.  While 2007 was an exciting start, it was also met with challenging economic conditions.  While hard to see at the time, the beginning years all pointed back to the core fundamentals of Legacy.  Without a strong and trusting base of customers and partners, startup and survival would not have been possible, and those relationships would not have been existent without a history of customer centric behavior.

Through the following years, manufacturing companies began to focus more on efficiency and automation to maintain viability and reinvent themselves.   All the while, with the natural buying tendencies trending towards desiring a turnkey solution in conjunction with a heightened regulatory environment, Legacy began to find itself addressing needs surrounding the machine installation such as dust extraction, compressed air needs, crane installations, and more.  Thus began the inception of Legacy Mechanical, LLC to offer these turnkey solutions which began a standalone entity in 2014.

Today, as we begin 2019, Legacy Companies are represented by a team of 11 dedicated team members and growing in conjunction with the worlds’ most advanced and leading equipment suppliers.  In collaboration with upstream vendor relationships that follow our customer based model, Legacy offers the most comprehensive manufacturing solutions of any company in the United States.   We are now proud to be a relevant resource for Machinery Solutions, Consultative Manufacturing Planning, Mechanical Services, Metal Fabrication and soon to be much more!  We look forward to the next decade and beyond of broadening our relevance so we can assist with Perpetuating your Legacy.

Legacy – Machinery

We work with the worlds Best Machinery Manufacturers.

Legacy – Mechanical

Specializing in dust collection, compressed air systems, air movement, material handling systems and various other mechanical systems.

Legacy – Metal works.

Fabrication at it’s finest.

Legacy – Material Handling

Welcome to the new world of Manufacturing 4.0. At the core of this concept is the efficient movement of resources from raw materials through the entire process.

Safety is a PRIORITY with Legacy.

All of our technicians are OSHA 10 hour certified.